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Firestorm Games -

1000+% ROAS over 8 months

The Problem

When we were approached by Firestorm Games they had been running Google Ads for some time but they were actually losing money on them. They had a single shopping campaign, with all products in a single ad group. The product feed had no optimisation or segmentation set up.

"We were spending a lot of money with them Google ads with very little return for us."  - Rob West, MD

​Our Approach

Our first priority was to bring the product feed into DataFeedWatch so we could optimise it. We used custom labels to add pricing segments and ensured all the relevant product attributes were included. There were a lot of disapprovals so we worked with the client to fix as many as possible.

We built multiple shopping campaigns targeting branded, non-brand and top converting searches.  We also set up dynamic remarketing campaigns targeting multiple audiences and setting bids according to their likelihood of converting.

The Results

Firestorm Cost vs Sales

The combination of feed optimisation and improved campaign structure resulted in a significant boost in both the number of orders generated from Google Ads and the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).  

"...brought about a marked change in our ad conversions and subsequently in our online turnover." - Rob West, MD

Month 1 of running new ads saw a revenue increase of 455% on the month before.  By month 8 we had generated a 3380% increase in ad revenue compared with revenue before we started the new campaigns.

ROAS ranged from 783% to 1818% over an 8 month period, the average monthly ROAS being 1090%.

When asked what he would say to someone considering working with us, Rob said "With little effort for me, she will work with the budgets and parameters that you set to get the return on investment.  Just do it!"

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