7-Step Google Shopping Optimisation Guide

Shows you 7 step-by-step actions you can take to help you get better results from your Shopping Campaigns.  

A Helping Hand for Online Retailers 

Running an eCommerce store is tough.  There's a lot to do!  Marketing has to be done but you shouldn't have to be the one worrying whether it's working.  That's where we come in.  Let us find your customers so you can focus on serving them.

Here's How We Can Help...

Google Shopping

We don't just build you one shopping campaign.  Our unique, highly structured approach can give you up to 9 campaigns to target top, middle and bottom of funnel searches more effectively.


Remarketing lets you show ads to anyone who visited your site but left without buying.  Keep your name & brand top of mind by showing ads to them when they visit any of over 2 million Google Display Network sites.

eBay Promoted Listings

Increase the chances of making a sale by creating ad campaigns to promote your items with eBay Promoted Listings

Google Search

Multiple, highly structured and laser targeted keyword-based search campaigns.  Our focus is on getting you in front of the most relevant searches and to stop wasting your money on the rubbish ones!

Amazon Product Ads

Help Amazon customers discover and purchase products that you sell on Amazon with ads that appear in search results and on product pages.

Email Automation

Use the power of email to not only recover lost carts but win back old customers, get existing customers to buy more often and build a loyal following.

About Me

Running an online store for 11 years provided the knowledge and experience needed to work with other eCommerce businesses.  

Managing PPC for an online retailer is very different to more traditional ‘lead generation’ campaigns.  Years of investing my own money meant I learned the hard way what worked and what didn’t and I am now able to bring that knowledge & expertise to other eCommerce businesses who are looking to get a better ROI from their paid ads.

I live in beautiful South Wales with my sidekick Ollie.

Sara x

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