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The Problem
When we were approached by Firestorm Games they had been running Google Ads for some time but they were actually losing money on them. They had a single shopping campaign, with all products in a single ad group. The product feed had no optimisation or segmentation set up.

"We were spending a lot of money with Google Ads with very little return for us."  - Rob West, MD

Our Approach
Our first priority was to bring the product feed into DataFeedWatch so we could optimise it. We used custom labels to add pricing segments and ensured all the relevant product attributes were included. There were a lot of disapprovals so we worked with the client to fix as many as possible.

We built multiple shopping campaigns targeting branded, non-brand and top converting searches.  We also set up dynamic remarketing campaigns targeting multiple audiences and setting bids according to their likelihood of converting.

The Results
The combination of feed optimisation and improved campaign structure resulted in a significant boost in both the number of orders generated from Google Ads and the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).  

"...brought about a marked change in our ad conversions and subsequently in our online turnover." - Rob West, MD

Month 1 of running new ads saw a revenue increase of 455% on the month before.  By month 8 we had generated a 3380% increase in ad revenue compared with revenue before we started the new campaigns.

ROAS ranged from 783% to 1818% over an 8 month period, the average monthly ROAS being 1090%.

When asked what he would say to someone considering working with us, Rob said "With little effort for me, she will work with the budgets and parameters that you set to get the return on investment.  Just do it!"

The Problem
As a brand new business, HOC had no online presence.  They had built a decent following on Instagram so when the site launched announcing to their followers created a nice initial surge of orders.

What the company needed was to reach a wider audience and grow order volumes profitably.

Our Approach
Our first priority was to set up and test tracking so we could accurately measure the results from the ads.  

Next we set about creating the product feeds and optimising them.  We used custom labels to filter products by price range and ensured all the relevant data was available for Google Shopping (GTINs, brands etc).

With this newly optimised shopping feed we were able to set up multiple, layered shopping campaigns so we could more effectively (and profitably) target the branded product searches as well as more generic terms.

Search campaigns were set up for some of the more popular product brands as well as a few more generic terms.
Dynamic remarketing campaigns are targeting multiple audiences with bids being set according to their behaviour on the site and their likelihood to buy.

The Results
The new shopping campaigns launched strongly driving profitable results from the off.
Month 2 revenue was over 4x that of month 1, and in month 3 we drove further growth.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is strong at marginally under 700% for April & May.  We will be building on this in the coming months as we optimise campaigns further.

Also, as the product range increases there are opportunities to expand search campaigns to reach a wider audience and increase sales further.

The Problem
When we first started working with the UK's leading Graffiti Spray Paint retailer in February 2017 they were spending around £1000/month on Google Ads. They were only running text ads, and most of their traffic and conversions were coming from searches for their own brand name. This meant they were getting very little exposure to new customers and anyone making product-based searches.

Our Approach
Our first job was to set up Google Shopping campaigns, and to build out search campaigns that focused on product searches rather than just the company’s own brand name.  Brand keywords were put into their own campaign so we could filter out these highly profitable terms to see how the campaigns were really performing for product-based searches.

The Results
Within a few short months of starting the new campaigns the revenue had increased by 83% with only a 47% increase in ad cost.

Revenue has continued to increase consistently month over month and is currently up by over 290%.

The company continues to go from strength to strength with consistent growth month on month which is fuelled by an effective PPC strategy.  We look forward to this trend to continuing into 2020 and beyond.

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