How to Optimize Google Shopping Campaigns – Product Group Bids

In this video I talk about a basic way of optimising your Google Shopping by adjusting your product group bids based on a number of preset filters.

What we are doing is to look for product groups that are outside of our target Return on Ad Spend and make adjustments to them depending on whether they are good or bad.

To do this we set up filters looking for any product groups that have a ROAS of over 120% of target, below 80% of target or haven't converted at all.  For this account our target ROAS was 600%, so here are the filters that were set up:

  • ROAS > 720% (Target + 20%)
  • ROAS < 480% (Target – 20%)
  • No Conversions, Impression Share < 20%
  • No Conversions, Impression Share > 50%

Set a time frame of at least 30 days.  Based upon these filters, we make the following bid adjustments to the product groups that come up:

  • ROAS > 720% - increase bids by 10%
  • ROAS < 480% - decrease bids by 10%
  • No Conversions, IS < 20% - increase bids by 5% (or 1p if bids too low)
  • No Conversions, IS > 50% - decrease bids by 5% (or 1p if bids too low)

Finally, we need to look for any products that aren't converting over a longer period of time that we need to exclude from our campaigns.  I usually look for any product that has 100 clicks without a conversion and exclude those, but you may have a lower threshold depending on your products and CPCs.

Follow this process once a week and you should start seeing improvements in your campaign results.

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