12 Killer eCommerce Marketing Tips

Always strive to be better….These tips have been take from a great video from ‘JD’ at Marketing 360.

In the video he runs through 12 tips for better eCommerce success and I highly recommend you watch it – there’s some very good advice here!  [Link at the end of this post]

Tip #1 – Use a Good eCommerce Platform

While there are some great platforms out there, if you stick with one of the big boys you’re going to find life much easier.

Not only is there a bigger community to help you out, there will be a wider choice of apps and integrations to improve the functionality of your store.

Tip #2 – Optimise Your Product Pages

JD points out the value of optimising your product titles and descriptions for SEO, but don’t forget this will also help your Google Shopping campaigns.  Google looks at titles/descriptions to decide what searches to show your product ads on.

Tip #3 – Use Schema Markup

The tool mentioned is here: Structured Data Testing Tool

Again, good markup will help your AdWords ads, as Google will pull review data through into your ads.  Google Merchant Center also looks at product markup to check for price updates etc so well worth making sure you have it all set up properly.

Tip #4 – Optimising Your Product Feed

This goes hand in hand with Tip #2, but sometimes you can’t get all the keywords you want into your product titles without making them look a bit naff!

Consider using a Feed Management Platform like Data Feed Watch or Go Datafeed to help the optimisation process

Tip #5 – Google Shopping Optimisations

A great tip  – too many retailers set up shopping campaigns and let them run.  JD mentions pausing poor performers and giving more budget to good performers – but don’t forget you need to adjust bids according to the ROI you’re getting too.  Sometimes a product just needs a lower bid to be profitable, not to be paused completely.

Tip #6 – Dynamic Retargeting

If you’re not doing this you’re missing a big trick.  Take it to the next level by segmenting your remarketing lists eg cart abondoners, product viewers and shop browsers.  Each is likely to behave differently and so needs different bids and optimisations.

Tip #7 – Facebook & Instagram Ads

It may be your target market isn’t on Instagram (if you sell hoover spares for example!) but it might be worth testing before dismissing completely. Make sure you have a strategy before you start, though, and avoid random post boosting in the hope it’ll get results!

Tip #8 – Organic Social Media

There have been big changes in Facebook’s algorithm since this video was made so it’s arguable as to whether this is going to have a big impact these days.  FB really is the ‘pay to play’ platform for businesses more so than it was before.

Tip #9 – Automated Email Marketing

I would hope most eCommerce business would have an abandoned cart email series at the very least.  The importance of post purchase emails sequences can’t be over-stressed though – make sure you have a plan and are keeping in touch with those customers!

Tip #10 – SMS Marketing

As a consumer I don’t like SMS marketing.  Text messages are personal, and I get annoyed by businesses texting me all the time.  Consider Facebook Message marketing instead – this is huge at the moment and can work extremely well for both getting new customers and nurturing existing ones.

If you want to learn more about it check out this free training from ManyChat: http://course.manychat.com/

Tip #11 – Use a CRM

This may be over the top for small retailers, but the concept is certainly worth thinking about.  Are there ways you can record info about customers such as birthdays & anniversaries to send them special offers to celebrate?

Tip #12 – Customer Care Package

I love this.  You could also use this to partner with other retailers who target the same people – you send their leaflets in your package and they send yours in theirs.  Win win!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these 12 Killer Tips – do you have any of your own that aren’t mentioned here?  Drop them in the comments below.

Watch the video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HgGiCK33ow

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