April 27

How To Create Promotion Extensions In Google Shopping

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In this article we're going to look at how to set up a promotion extension inside a shopping campaign. These show up in your shopping ads results as illustrated in the image below:

google shopping promotion extension

As you can see the ad on the right has a special offer, with the other two showing normal listings.   If you click on the link that says 'Special Offer', then it shows you details of the special offer as well as any code that you need to enter to redeem it.

These Special Offers can make a difference to your ads as it encourages people to click through onto your site instead of your competitor's site.

So how do you set it up? Go into your Google Merchant Centre account and click on the 'Marketing' link on the left menu then click 'Promotions'. Click the big blue + button to add your promotion extension.

Step 1:   Choose your country.

Step 2:   Choose a promotion category. The options are: Amount off, Percent off, Free Gift or Free Shipping.

Step 3:   Choose a promotion type. Depending on which option you chose at Step 2 you will get different choices here - choose the one that's relevant for your offer.

Step 4:   Enter the promotion details. This will be things like minimum order value, amount or % off etc.

Step 5:   Enter your promotion title & ID.

Step 6:   Choose which products this promotion will be applied to. You can choose all products, filter by product attributes or apply only to products that have the matching promotion ID field in the feed.

Step 7:   Enter the Pomo code (optional).

Step 8:   Select the date range you want your promotion to run.

Then hit 'Create Promotion'.   It can take several days to be approved so make sure you plan your promotions in plenty of time, especially at busy times of year.


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