January 28

How Many Ads Can I Have?

Google Ads


If you’re going to use someone to manage your account it’s well worth asking if there’s a limit to the number of campaigns or ad groups that you can have based on the fee that they are charging you, especially if it’s fixed fee.  Some agencies will put a limit on how many campaigns they will create and manage for that fee, so that’s a question you need to ask before signing on the dotted line.

But just in case you are curious as to the actual limits of an AdWords account the details are shown below:

Campaign and ad group limits

  • 10,000 campaigns (includes active and paused campaigns)
  • 20,000 ad groups per campaign
  • 20,000 ad group targeting items per ad group (such as keywords, placements and audience lists)

Ad limits

  • 300 image/gallery ads
  • 50 active text and non-image/gallery ads per ad group
  • 4 million active or paused ads per account

Targeting limits

  • 5 million ad group targeting items per account (such as keywords, placements and audience lists)
  • 1 million campaign targeting items per account (such as location targets and campaign-level negative keywords)
  • 10,000 location targets (targeted and excluded) per campaign, including up to 500 proximity targets per campaign
  • 20 shared placement exclusion lists per account, with a maximum of 65,000 exclusions per list
  • 65,000 account-level placement exclusions per account (separate from your list, campaign, and ad group exclusions)
  • 128,000 total placement exclusions per ad group (this includes the total of your account, list, campaign and ad group exclusions)
  • 11,000 shared budgets per account

Negative keyword limits

  • 20 shared negative keyword lists per account
  • 5,000 keywords per negative keyword list
  • 10,000 negative keywords per campaign
  • For Display Network and Video campaigns, a maximum of 5,000 negative keywords are considered

Limits for business data and feeds

  • 5 million rows or feed items per account for dynamic ads, ad customisers and extensions
  • 100 user-generated feeds or business data sets per account
  • 3,000 bytes per attribute (roughly 750 – 3,000 characters, depending on the byte size of the character)

Ad extension limits

  • 250,000 ad group-level extensions per account*
  • 50,000 campaign-level extensions per account*
  • 10,000 ad group-level extensions per campaign*

** For example, let’s say that you have one campaign with an extension containing eight sitelinks. Then you add these same sitelinks to another campaign and also to ten ad groups in a third campaign. Now, your account has eight feed items, two campaign-level extensions and ten ad group-level extensions.


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