Free Data Studio eCommerce Performance Dashboard

Data Studio is a free reporting tool from Google that can link directly to your Google Ads account.  

See LIVE data from your account in an easy-to-manage format, covering all the most important aspects of your account.

All you need to do is to add your Google Ads account to the report and you're good to go!

Keep your finger on the pulse at all times with this comprehensive live reporting dashboard - get access by clicking the button below:

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Page included in the report:

KPI Scorecard Summary

All your most important metrics in one place: cost, revenue, return on ad spend, impression share and more.  17 metrics in total.

Campaigns Report

See performance by campaign type (eg Shopping, Search etc) and also which are your top spending campaigns along with their performance.

Keyword Performance

See keyword performance by match type and by quality score.  If most of your costs are on low quality score keywords there's work to be done!

Top Spending Keywords

Which keywords are getting most of the clicks?  You can get some valuable insights from this information - they're not always the keywords you think they are.

Non-Converting Keywords

Are you spending money and getting a lot of clicks for keywords that don't convert? Sorted by cost so you can see which keywords have spent the most.

Non-Converting Search Terms

The searches you show up for often aren't the same as the keywords in your account - find negative keywords to add with this section of the report.

Device Performance

Discover whether you need to adjust bids for different devices with the device performance page.  Filter by campaign or campaign type.

Day of the Week

Are your ads performing better or worse on certain days of the week?  If so you can add schedule adjustments to improve your results.

Hour of the Day

Performance can also vary greatly hour by hour as well as day to day. The heat mapped table will highlight those times of day when you may need to adjust bids.

Monthly Performance

Easily see monthy trends in your data with this heat mapped table. Filter by campaign or campaign type if you want to dig even deeper.

Geographic Performance

Are there towns and cities where your ads do poorly? Are there areas where you're doing very well? Identify areas that may need to be adjusted to improve performance.

Demographic Performance

Do your products appeal more to men or women? Young or old? Easily see how performance varies by age and gender so you can make the necessary adjustments.